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At Pinion, you’re never going to be just a numbers
jockey. That’s not what we do.

Our signs say “Top 100 Accounting Firm,” and yeah, we are. We report, audit, tax, and spreadsheet with the best of ‘em. But we’re so much more than that.

Early Career

We Are Pinion.

At Pinion, we help keep the people in business who feed and clothe the world. We partner with companies in every part of the ag industry—from tractor manufacturers, to food growers, to those hauling dinner to your grocery store. We even have a location in DC, keeping a watchful eye on the interests that support our food supply. We know the people behind each of these companies—and we have the savvy to help them see where they can do better and grow, no matter what the economy is doing.

At Pinion, We:

Make a Difference
Serve alongside a team of hundreds of like-minded professionals who positively impact lives, businesses, and communities - both next door and around the world.
Align Passion & Purpose
Discover a career where you're encouraged to dive deep into your Distinct Abilities and spend the bulk of your time doing the work you love best and do best.
Boldly Pursue a Better Future
Be an important part of our continuing conversation about how we innovate together and serve clients in new, exciting, and efficient ways.
Give you the Reins of your Career
Take every opportunity to stretch your career boundaries, learn new skills, and level up to new and exciting challenges - in a way that honors a healthy and family-friendly balance between personal and professional.

97% of Pinion employees
find their work engaging
and challenging


Ranked a Top 70 Firm


Employees in 28 states
coast to coast

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